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Published: September 9, 2019

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Toothpaste?

Do you need help choosing a toothpaste? We all know that we need to brush away plaque and bacteria in order to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Plaque is that sticky material that you run your tongue over, which is full of bacteria. It’s best to brush at least twice daily, once after you eat breakfast, and then again before you go to sleep.

Simply brushing your teeth does most of the work in removing plaque to keep your mouth clean. Meaning, if you were forced to throw away your toothbrush or toothpaste, you should definitely choose toothpaste. That said, you could easily have both, and toothpaste provides many benefits.

Toothpaste helps remove stains, whitens your teeth, and freshens your breath. At its core, toothpaste is a mixture of foaming agents, abrasives, binders… manufacturers also add flavoring, coloring and sweeteners. Toothpaste can also contain cavity-preventing agents, it can help fight gum disease and help with over sensitive teeth.


Ingredients to Look for When Choosing a Toothpaste

Here is a list of ingredients to look for in the toothpaste you choose:


  • Fluoride: This is a naturally occurring mineral that helps prevent tooth decay, so try to pick a toothpaste that includes fluoride. In today’s world many people are concerned with the amount of fluoride that we’re all exposed to; mostly because city water supplies are usually treated with fluoride. However, it has been shown that fluoride is most effective in preventing tooth decay when it is applied directly to your teeth.
  • Triclosan: This ingredient is effective in helping prevent gingivitis; a gum disease.
  • Abrasives: When choosing a toothpaste, look into its level of abrasiveness. Simply look for the ADA stamp of approval in the label… a little bit of roughness helps remove plaque and stains, but too much can strip away tooth enamel.
  • Whiteners: Having the whitest teeth on the block has become commonplace, therefore toothpaste manufacturers have flooded the market with toothpastes that claim to whiten your teeth. Again, look for the ADA seal on the label, which marks their acceptance of a specific toothpaste. When choosing a toothpaste, ADA accepted toothpastes usually have a polishing agent that will enhance its stain removal properties.


If you think you have questions about the toothpaste you're using, or simply need help choosing a toothpaste please give us a call and we can help in choosing a toothpaste. Contact our Glenbrook office at (530) 892-1234 or our Philadelphia Square office at (530) 892-1218.


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