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Published: October 17, 2018

What is Sedation Dentistry?






the action of administering a sedative drug to produce a state of calm or sleep.



This is a process that is used to calm and relax a person. The sedative drugs are administered in various ways in the arm or hand vessels. IV sedation is effective and safe when a trained professional administers it.

The sedation dentistry today has evolved as into beneficial offering for a relaxing experience.


What is Sedation Dentistry?

So then, sedation dentistry is the action of administering a sedative drug to produce a state of calm or sleep for the purposes of performing a dental procedure. A mild sedative is given to have an anxiety-free and relaxing experience while receiving a dental treatment. This enables individuals to receive dental care without fear, even if they are actually scared or have a dental phobia.

Dental phobia is too common and noted that people resent going to a dentist even to receive routine dental care to the extent that they compromise the functionality of their smile and mouth.

Sedation dentistry enables you to stay awake throughout the procedure, yet stay relaxed during your treatment. And, most of the time you don’t fully remember, or have a fond memory of the treatment. Sedation dentistry quells the fears of a patient, involving no needles.


4 Benefits of Sedation Dentistry


  1. Anxiety Relief

The foremost sedation dentistry benefit is the anxiety relief. This allows them to go through the process comfortably and removes the fear of visiting a dentist.

The fact is that some patients have pre-procedure anxiety, while some are gripped with fear. This averts people from receiving the dental care that they actually need.


  1. Gag Reflex Reduction

Gag reflex is good. However the gag reflex may be a hindrance, as a patient is aware that a dentist is working in his mouth. The trouble is when the dentist has to work deep in the oral cavity, while the gag reflex does not allow.

The spasms of a patient damages depending on the work of the dentist. With sedation dentistry, the sedative paralyzes the gag reflex so you do not feel anything in your mouth. It allows the dentist to work efficiently and faster, while the patient is really comfortable.


  1. Pain Relief

No one likes gum or tooth pain and this result in fears. However, with sedation dentistry there is no pain. The brain does not register pain as it is under the influence of sedatives and anesthetic power. Thus, you have a pain-free dental procedure, and this is why sedation dentistry is popular.


  1. Can Work Faster

Patients under the influence of sedatives and anesthetics stay calm in the chair and allow the dentist to work faster. Thus the procedure is faster and is done efficiently.



To discuss the possibility of using sedation dentistry during your procedure, please talk to Dr. Choti at Philadelphia Square Dental Care. Dr. Choti is a sedation dentist that has years of experience helping his patients get past their fears and provide beautiful smiles with no pain at all.

You can call to make an appointment during office hours: 1-530-892-1218

One comment on “What is Sedation Dentistry?”

  1. It's great that you mentioned that sedation dentistry and proper use of anesthesia can prevent patients from getting gag reflex and interrupting the dental procedure. My teenaged son has been in need of some dental help recently, but if there's anything I know about him, it's that he's quite sensitive to a lot of things. I am extremely certain that this can lead to him having a hard time getting his teeth treated, so I'll look for any dentists that can offer relaxing procedures and treatments so my son won't have to be scared of anything.

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