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Published: January 11, 2021

The Right Way to Floss Your Teeth

What’s your morning routine like? Wakeup, brush your teeth, wash your face, and eat breakfast. You then start your skincare routine, which is moisturizing and, in the case of females, the bare minimum makeup. Every person has a ritual they strictly follow, whether they are going to the office or a party.

So, why can’t you develop an proper oral hygiene routine? It’s as equally important as your physical health, which you try to maintain by watching what you eat.

What we are trying to say is that oral hygiene does not just involve brushing your teeth. It also includes mouthwash, gargling, flossing, teeth whitening, and regular visits to a Chico dentist.


One of the easiest ways to maintain your oral hygiene is to floss after every meal. 5 minutes in the bathroom and a rinse will do you a world of good.

When choosing a floss material, go for a single filament (PTFE). It easily slides between tight spaces and shred-resistant. So, if you have sharp teeth and high plaque-buildup, you will find this floss quite effective.

Flossing the Right Way

Flossing requires precise and controlled movement. If you do it the wrong way and put too much pressure, you might aggravate your gums and make them lead.

Here are 5 steps on how to floss your teeth:

Step #1: Tear Off the Right Floss Length

Roll out 18 inches of floss and break it from the end. Wrap the sides of the floss on your middle finger tightly. Make sure to keep it loose and long so that you don’t bump your hands against your teeth while flossing.

Step #2: Position the Floss

Hold the floss between your index finger and thumb and stretch until it’s taut.

Step #3: Start Flossing

Move the floss between your teeth and use a gentle rubbing motion. Make sure to hold the floss tightly between your fingers so that the floss doesn’t get stuck in between the gaps.

Step #4: Use Gentle Motions

Curve the floss around your tooth and move it up and down, all the while scraping the sides. Once you reach the gum, don’t go in too far. Gently wipe the area and then move to the next tooth.

Step #5: Don’t Forget the Back

Depending on how wide you can open your mouth, you might need a bigger floss length for the back teeth. Make sure to stand close to the bathroom mirror, under full light, to watch your movements. So, have you been following the same flossing steps? If not, you need to change your technique. Don’t forget to book an appointment with your local dentist in Chico, CA. Visit the website Kremer Dental Care and browse their general dentistry procedures. To know more about their services or to book an appointment, call on (530) 892-1234.

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