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Published: September 5, 2018

A Step By Step Guide to Root Canals

A root canal is simply a dental procedure that can save the natural teeth and prevent any need of dental bridges or implants.

In this post, we are going to walk you through a guide to the procedure. Knowing a step-by-step process of a root canal procedure will definitely ease your tension when your dentist has recommended a root canal for you.

  1. X-rays

After your dentist has diagnosed you and recommend that you have a root canal, the procedure will not begin before X-rays are done. Your dentist needs to see exactly what he is working with. It’s important to understand that x-rays are what will be working as the guide to the hands of your dentist.

  1. Local anesthesia

Your dentist will have to use local anesthesia. Compared to other dental procedures, dentists usually use a bit more anesthetic during in root canal because we need to make sure you don’t feel anything deep down in the root of your tooth. Anesthesia is meant to make you comfortable.

  1. Drilling

Yes, drilling is the part that most people are definitely afraid of. However, you don’t have to worry about anything if Dr. Choti carries it out. He is always commented for being extremely gentle.

First, your dentist will isolate the tooth that is supposed to be operated on with a piece of rubber. This will help keep the tooth clean and dry. Secondly, your dentist will then drill a hole gently into the tooth. The hole is supposed to allow for easy drainage of pulp and bacteria. It also allows for the drainage of the compromised nerves.

  1. Removal and drainage

After creating the hole, your dentist is going to use very tiny files to scratch away the entire damaged area inside your tooth. The files usually vary in size to ensure that the dentist removes only the right amount and doesn’t interfere with the integrity of your tooth.

  1. Temporary filling

Your root canal maybe sealed the same day, or scheduled for sealing at a specified later date. This depends on the dentist and the situation.

  1. Sealing and crowning

Lastly, the tooth is sealed and crowned to protect it from any further cracking and infection. The dentist will fill the canal with a sealant that is made of a paste and rubber compound. It’s worth noting that not every case requires a crown. However, it provides a greater layer of protection.

Trained professional dentist are the only people to do root canal procedures. Good thing is that it is very easy and affordable to undergo a root canal in Chico because Dr. Choti is a highly trained, trusted dentist.

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