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Published: August 23, 2022

Show off your best smile with a Smile Makeover!

Showing up as your most confident self is essential, especially in your career. If you work in a profession where you work with people face to face, you want to feel confident doing it—especially if you're in a sales-focused field.

Lea came to Kremer Dental Care in search of a Smile Makeover. Her smile wasn't where she wanted it to be. She wanted a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile, and we gave her just that! Lea is a real estate professional and talks with clients daily.

I love it. I would do it again tomorrow if the option was there!

What is a Smile Makeover?

At Kremer Dental Care, our Smile Makeover process consists of a complete evaluation of a person's oral health. While a Smile Makeover may seem largely cosmetic, it is much more than that and goes beyond just veneers. We look at everything from the alignment of the upper and lower jaw to decay and restoration. Once the makeover is complete, you are left with a beautiful smile and a healthy one.

Lea's Story

Lea is a local real estate agent who wanted to smile and talk more confidently around her clients. "I felt my smile wasn't aesthetically pleasing." She wanted to replace all of her old amalgam fillings and improve the overall appearance of her teeth.

"As a real estate professional, I'm in front of clients all day long, and it was important for me to have a healthy mouth and beautiful smile."

Lea came in and chatted with Dr. Kremer about the options to correct her smile, and together they decided a Smile Makeover was the best option.

"Dr. Kremer is a true artist. He did an amazing job! It was super subtle and very natural."

Lea was left with a beautiful, healthy smile built just for her, allowing her to do business confidently.

"A smile is one of the most important features in my business. Being a local realtor, being in front of people, and talking and smiling all the time, you are being judged on your smile out of the gate."

Invest in yourself

With a Smile Makeover, you will smile and talk with confidence! Invest in yourself and schedule a free consultation today.

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