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Published: October 3, 2018

No Need to Fear Your Local Chico Dentist

For some reason or another a dental procedure still evokes phobia and discomfort with many people. Patients tend to avoid and delay their dental appointments due to the fear of visiting a dentist. This delayed action causes further damage to their dental and oral health and will lead to much greater pain in the future – but there is no need to fear your local Chico dentist – Dr. Choti.


This article provides key reasons why patients fear visiting the dentist, which are as follows:


Negative Past Experiences


Negative past experiences greatly shape people’s perception of the dentist and the dental procedures. When a patient has suffered pain and discomfort during the last visit to the dentist then he/she will be reluctant to visit again due to the past experience. Professional and reputable dentists like your local Chico dentist – Dr. Choti help counsel patients and relieve them of their traumatic past experiences of dental procedures.


Feeling Helpless


People these days have an excessive desire to be in control all the times. When they visit a dentist, they have to sit back in the chair and yield total control to the dentist. This makes them apprehensive and they feel helpless. Traumatic past experiences with the dental procedures only help to increase this feeling of helplessness manifold. Sitting back in a dentist’s chair and experiencing needles, drills etc. can be very unnerving and unsettling for many patients.




People usually associate dentistry with pain. Pain is one of the major reasons why patients continue to live with discomfort but dread to visit the dentist. However, the technology has improved significantly and today’s dental procedures when carried out correctly are near painless.


Frightened Due to Other’s Experiences


People learn from the experiences of others. Generally, it is observed that people listen to other’s unfavorable and painful dental experiences and develop the same dental phobia within themselves. Children can develop this phobia from their parents who have had unfavorable experiences with dental procedures. If such children experience pain or scary experiences with dental procedures, the fear can take a firm grip on them.


Fear of the Unknown


Most patients do not know what they will encounter during a visit to the dentist. They do not know if they will be subject to painful dental procedures like taking injections, bearing the jolt of drill, root canal therapy etc. This uncertainty while lying in the dentist’s chair aggravates the patient’s fear. They do not know what is about to happen and cannot predict how much it will hurt. Much of this fear is due to lack of knowledge on dental procedures and professional local dentists like Dr. Choti in Chico invest time with the patients to make them feel comfortable and alleviate any fears which they may have.


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