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Published: June 1, 2022

Making an Impact - Sustainable Dentistry

Just like the world around us, we as a practice continue to evolve. As we've continued to grow over the years, so have our methods of operations and how we run our practices. One of the most critical ways to evolve as a dental practice in today's world is through sustainability. 

Now more than ever, it's essential to implement sustainability wherever possible. We can do many more things in this effort, but we are taking steps to get there.

Here are some ways we at Kremer Dental Care implement sustainability in our practices in Chico, California.

Solar panels

One great way to operate a more sustainable dental practice is installing solar panels. It is known that solar panels produce clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that come from electricity use. 

Several years ago, we invested in solar panels at our Glenbrook Court office to save on energy consumption. Today, we’re proud to say that our panels completely offset the electricity needed to operate our office. On average, we contribute far more electricity to the grid than we consume. We are also looking into installing solar panels at our Philadelphia Square location.

Solar panels at the Glenbrook court office
We have solar panels installed at our Glenbrook Court office.

Fossil fuels produce traditional electricity and come from coal and natural gas materials. Using less electricity is better for the environment, as fewer fossil fuels are used. Solar panels don't produce any pollution, unlike fossil fuels.

Electric car charger

Cars contribute about 26% of manmade greenhouse gases. It's no secret that vehicles contribute significantly to air pollution and CO2 emissions. One of the ways to help with this problem is through electric cars.

Electric cars are becoming more and more common. Although electric vehicles aren't considered zero emissions, they produce less CO2 emissions than a standard vehicle.

At our Glenbrook Court office, we have an electric car charger compatible with most electric cars, and we also have a Tesla adapter. We encourage our guests with electric vehicles to power up during their visits.

Walking to work

One of the easiest ways to help the environment is by walking or biking to work. Studies have shown that walking a mile and a half would result in 75% less greenhouse gas emissions. It creates less air pollution and fewer emissions going into the atmosphere.

Dr. Choti at Kremer Dental Care walks to work everyday.
Dr. Choti walks to work and back every day!

Walking is good for the environment, but it's also good for physical and mental health. So, if you can walk to work, you should consider it! One of our dentists, Dr. Choti, walks to and from work every day and has been doing so for years.

Digital communication

Limiting paper products and consumption is another way to implement sustainability into a dental practice. At Kremer Dental Care, we keep our paper mail to a minimum and keep patient communications digital with texts, emails, and phone calls. When we need to send out paper communications, we use recycled paper products.


Recycling is another easy way to operate a sustainable practice. We have recycling stations at both locations and encourage our team to recycle all paper and other recyclable materials.

Other ways we practice sustainability

Those are some of the main ways we practice sustainability at KDC, but here are a few other things we do:

  • We use amalgam separators
  • We maximize natural light and ventilation
  • Indoor plants are placed throughout our offices
  • Many of our staff bring their meals in reusable containers
  • Our offices have motion censored lights to decrease energy usage
  • We recycle all of our computers and electronics at Computers for Classrooms
  • Energy-efficient lighting is used at both offices

How to get a reusable water bottle

All new guests will receive a reusable water bottle in their new guest bag during June. In addition, any current guest who makes a referral will receive a reusable water bottle.

Kremer Dental Care reusable water bottles
This month, we are giving out reusable water bottles to our new guests and referrals.

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