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Published: August 7, 2019

Lasers! …How They Are Used In Dentistry

Laser dentistry...

So, what is laser dentistry? Since 1994, laser use has become more and more common in dentistry. Lasers are used in a number of procedures, to make the treatment easier and less painful for the patient. Lasers are often used when patients have anxiety about dental drills, and they can also decrease bleeding and swelling during and after a dental procedure. This reduces patient discomfort and healing times in most cases.

Dentists can use lasers to treat things like:

  • Gum disease – A laser can be used to help restructure the gums and eliminate bacteria during a root canal procedure.
  • Tooth decay – Lasers can be used to remove the decaying area within a specific tooth, and also prepare the surrounding enamel by etching the surface; getting it ready to receive a new filling. A laser can also help preserve more of the healthy tooth surrounding a cavity when a new filling is placed.
  • Lesion removal – If you have an extremely painful lesion or cold sore, a laser can be used to remove the lesion in your mouth, and also form a barrier over a cold sore to relieve the pain.
  • Biopsy – Lasers can be used to remove small pieces of tissue in your mouth so that it can be send to a lab and examined for cancer.
  • Teeth whitening – Yep. Lasers are also used in teeth whitening procedures. They speed up in-office teeth whitening procedures. In this procedure a peroxide bleaching solution is applied to the surface of the teeth, and then a laser activates the solution, which speeds up the whitening.


How Do Lasers Work in Dentistry?

All lasers, no matter what procedure they are used for, work by delivering energy in the form of light. When used during surgical dental procedures, the laser is used as a precise cutting device. However, when used for teeth whitening procedures, the laser simply acts as a heat source to speed up the effect of bleaching solution.

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