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Published: August 5, 2020

Kremer Dental Care and COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates

[Updated August 6, 2020]

This page is continually updated to help our community with Dental Care and COVID-19 information as it relates to our offices.

Open to Serve You.

As an essential medical service, we are excited to announce we have resumed all dental services. With the addition of air filtration, proper PPE guidelines, and disinfection, we are following guidelines set by the California Dental Association to ensure the safety of our team and our guests.

Because of the COVID-19 Crisis every patient must fill out an informed consent form before coming in for your appointment.

In response to the COVID-19 Crisis we are also happy to introduce: 

Whether you are a new or existing guest, if you feel you need urgent dental care, schedule your online video consult with one of our doctors. To reserve your online consult Click Here.

[Updated March 30, 2020]

This blog post is continually updated to help our community with Dental Care and COVID-19 information as it relates to our offices.

Kremer Dental Care Offices Remain Available For Our Community

Dear Kremer Dental Care Family,

In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, guidelines are rapidly changing by our government and dental associations. At this time, our offices will remain available to our patients and our community. We will be answering the phone during normal business hours, and we have set up a hotline to answer any questions after hours.

As we are an essential service, we are available to treat emergent oral health issues to keep our customers healthy, as advised by the ADA. This is in an effort to reduce the potential burden on our local emergency room so they may focus their efforts on issues pertaining to the epidemic.

Essential dental services we are seeing guests for include:

  • Dental Emergencies - if you experience uncontrolled bleeding, severe pain, or swelling.
  • Restorative Dental Care - if you have moderate & severe decay or fractured tooth repair associated with pain.
  • Endodontics - if you have active infections, pain, swelling, or cellulitis.
  • Dental Prosthodontics - if you need denture removable, adjustments or repairs because their function is impeded.

Please call us, during our normal hours, at:

If you have a questions about a potential dental emergency, please text or call our HOTLINE at: (530) 521-8709    

Stay healthy, and continue to find ways to spread kindness and love to one another,    

Kevin Kremer

3 comments on “Kremer Dental Care and COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates”

  1. I have appointment on April 2 to get crown replaced on a tooth with a cavity. I'm not wanting to go to dentist until this crisis is over. Please let me know if I should keep my appointment.

    1. Kathy, thank you for reaching out to us. I'm glad our team was able to contact you and reschedule your crown. Your safety is our top priority during this crisis. Stay safe and stay positive!

  2. During this crisis like Corona Virus, everything is messed up and all responsibilities are gone to doctors and police authority. Dentists are also doctors and they have to use some percussion due to Covid 19.

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