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Published: August 8, 2018

Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy When Traveling

Traveling is a time when you are at the farthest distance from following your normal daily routine. And that is why your regular dental care takes a vacation too. There are some wonderful things you can still do about your oral hygiene to keep your teeth and gums strong, fresh, and healthy while you’re traveling.

The following dental hygiene travel tips work great for frequent travelers.

Tips for travelers to stick to healthy oral and dental hygiene…

You may travel for a day, a week or months. You may travel often or seldom. Whatever the case may be, whenever you do travel you put your normal routine at stake, which you are comfortable following only from the home. Failing to maintain dental hygiene for a few days in a row can be disastrous for the health and strength of teeth and gums. Acid, plaque, germ buildup, all may act heavily to form gum and tooth decay in just days, and ruin the future health of the teeth. Some simple and easy dental hygiene travel tips you may always follow to take care of your oral hygiene, and stay fresh and healthy.

Here they are:

  • Carrying and storing the toothbrush in a well aerated container or tooth brush cap is one the most vital dental hygiene travel tips. It helps dry the bristles soon and avoids buildup of bacteria in the moisture.


  • While traveling you may think of skipping all other dental accessories like floss, tongue cleaner, tooth picks, mouthwash, etc., and may only concentrate on carrying the brush and paste. But that’s to be avoided if you really want to stay fresh for the traveling days. A quick mouth rinse with a mouthwash, or a quick cleaning between the teeth with a tooth pick to remove any large food particle can be a big relief, and bring you back to relaxation and freshness instantly.


  • During vacations most travelers tend eat more sweets as well as drink alcoholic beverages and sweetened beverages. These are all bad for the dental hygiene, and here you must take some control. You can either wash your mouth after consuming something sweet, or you can moderate and limit your consumption of sweets.


  • Chewing gum is also a good dental hygiene travel tips. You can get some sugar free gums to chew on, so that you don’t get cravings for sugary food items. Moreover, the extra saliva secreted during chewing a gum is good for washing the mouth interior of acids, bacteria, and food particles.

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