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Published: June 27, 2017

Improve Your Oral Health With Dental Implants

Is your smile missing teeth? Dental implants are the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. Dental implants can restore your smile and improve your oral health. At Philadelphia Square Dental Care in Chico, CA, we offer state-of-the-art dental implants to his patients. Read on to find out how dental implants can improve your oral health.

#1 - Prevent Bone Loss
When the jawbone is not being used to support a natural tooth, it deteriorates, losing its firmness and strength. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that helps to prevent bone loss and stimulate bone growth. Dental implants exert appropriate, natural forces on the jawbone to keep it healthy and functional.

#2 - Prevent Teeth From Shifting
Although your teeth feel as if they are set in the jawbone, they are capable of shifting out of place. When people lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth begin to shift out of place. The loss of the teeth places excessive pressure on the adjacent teeth causing them to move out of place. This can lead to a potential collapse of bite support. Dental implants can prevent your existing teeth from moving out of place.

#3 - Keep Your Gums Healthy
Research shows that if an individual loses their teeth due to periodontal disease, implants can offer a new start. By replacing your missing teeth and treating bacteria-rich places such as open spaces, the health of your gums may improve. The health of your gums is also determined by your commitment to an effective oral hygiene routine.

Millions of people have replaced their missing teeth with dental implants. Perhaps it's time you joined them? Don't want another minute- call Philadelphia Square Dental Care in Chico, CA at 530-895-1999 right now to schedule a consultation. Remember, a healthy smile is a gorgeous smile!

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