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Published: September 20, 2018

Importance of a Friendly Dental Office

A Friendly Dental Office in Chico


We know that a lot of patients have an inherent fear of visiting the dentist. These fears are built on over time by listening to the traumatic experiences of others or by a previous painful experience. A friendly dental office can go a long way in dispelling such fear and encouraging regular visits to the dentists. This promotes better overall dental hygiene and health.


This article provides the importance of friendly dental office.


Relationship Building


People have mostly negative and traumatic image of a dental office. They are afraid to visit dentists and keep delaying the appointment due to the inherent fear. A friendly dental office understands these fears and apprehensions which the patients may have. They spend time in addressing any such concerns of the patients. This leads to better relationship building between the patients and the dentists. The relationship is important as it leads to trust building and the patients become comfortable visiting the dentist and feel at ease with the dental procedures carried out by them.

Help to Alleviate Fears


As already mentioned, patients are frightened to extreme limits while visiting the dentist. They perceive the dental office with mostly traumatic experiences. Many patients have fear of the injections, drills, and other equipment used during dental procedures. They feel helpless and submissive sitting in the dentist’s chair and are gripped by the fear of the unknown. Friendly dental offices believe in investing time with their patients to understand their fears and apprehensions. They counsel the patients and help remove those fears. Once the fear is removed, the patients will not have issues visiting the dental office for any dental procedure. A friendly dental office goes a long way in addressing these unknown fear and anxieties among the patients.


Increases Dental Hygiene and Health


Paying regular visits to the dentist is one of the major conditions for promoting good dental hygiene and dental health. Most patients avoid visiting the dentist even in discomfort, due to the fear they have of the dental office and the dental procedures. Friendly dental offices help to remove these fear and apprehensions among the patients. As a result, the patients visit the dentist regularly which helps in improved dental hygiene and health.


More Helpful for Children


Children have much more inherent fear and apprehensions while visiting a dentist. These fears are passed on to them from the unfavorable experiences of their parents or other friends and family members. It is important to remove such unwanted fear from the children. A friendly dental office communicates more effectively with the children, explaining them the importance of dental hygiene and health. Such dental offices dispel the fear through providing knowledge to the children on dental procedures and equipment. It changes the perspective of the children towards dentists, dental offices, and dental procedures and they will not be afraid to visit the dentist again in future.


Philadelphia Square Dental Care


At Philadelphia Square Dental Care we are a friendly dental office that acknowledges all of the fears people have of the dentist, and work to alleviate those fears.


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