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Published: November 20, 2020

How to Care for Your Teeth during the Holidays

The holidays are a fun break from your everyday life. However, even when you are on a break, it is essential to practice good oral hygiene. Read more to find out how to take care of your teeth this holiday season.

Avoid Too Much Sugar

It would simply be cruel to avoid sugar entirely – especially during the holiday season— but one thing you can always do is limit your sugar intake. During the holidays, you are surrounded by popcorn, cookies and candy canes, but you need to know how much is too much. Too much sugar can easily damage your teeth by causing decay, but if you know your limit and brush your teeth right after, you will be fine.

Stick to a Routine

Even if it is the holidays, you need to stick to a routine. This means brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. Brushing your teeth will help you get rid of all the plaque and the sugar that may get stuck in your mouth during the day.

If you’re going somewhere else for the holidays, do not forget to pack a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste in your travel bag. You can also chew sugar free gum since it can help remove food particles from your teeth.

Visit Your Dentist

Whether you’re in town or not, skipping your dental appointment is never a good idea. If your 6 month dental check-up comes around the holidays, make sure you go. Skipping a dental appointment will cause you more distress and money in the long term. If your dentist isn’t available during the holiday time, ask them for a referral so that you can visit someone during an emergency. It is never a good idea to wait until the holidays are over to replace a filling or fix a tooth since it can get much worse in no time. Make sure to keep your pain relievers and dentist’s number with you at all times. Lastly, if you are going out of town, then make sure to visit your dentist before leaving, so you will not have to worry about anything during the trip. Caring for your teeth is essential at all times – whether it’s the holidays or an average work day. To learn more about dental care, visit call us at (530) 892-1234 today.

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