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Published: June 30, 2022

Get your smile back with a New Smile Now transformation by Dr. Kremer

The appearance and quality of a person's teeth can significantly impact their quality of life. Worn-down teeth not only compromise a person's quality of life regarding what they can and can't eat, they often prevent them from smiling due to a lack of confidence.

In some cases, the appearance and quality of a person's teeth might only require a quick fix, maybe an implant or two. However, in some cases, where there is significant decay and damage to a large portion of the teeth, a more substantial procedure is the best option to get the mouth back to a healthy state.

At Kremer Dental Care, we offer a fantastic solution to those looking for an entirely new smile: full-arch implant rehabilitation with our New Smile Now process.

"It was definitely the right decision...It just gives you a lot more self-confidence."

- Paul

How does the New Smile Now process work?

The New Smile Now procedure involves a 6-step process that starts with a complimentary consultation. From there, we begin the process of creating your new smile! We help design the color, shape, and design of your teeth to best suit the measurements of your face.

Next, you'll receive your implants and a trial smile. Once your implants are set, we try in your new smile and make any needed adjustments. That's it! Once it's all said and done, you'll have a new beautiful smile and can eat whatever you want.

Benefits of the New Smile Now process

A few benefits come with the full-mouth transformation that the New Smile Now process provides.

Freedom to eat any foods

One of the best benefits of having new, fully-functional teeth is eating anything and everything you want. People with unhealthy and compromised teeth often have difficulty eating all the foods they like. The same usually applies when people opt for a removable appliance, like dentures.

Having fixed teeth, like those in the New Smile Now process, gives people absolute freedom to eat what they want without worrying about slippage or discomfort.

"I can eat corn on the cob. I can eat steak. I can bite into taffy without having any issues."

- Paul

A confident smile

Another fantastic benefit to the New Smile Now process is having a bright, clean, and attractive smile at the end of it all. We love seeing the look on people's faces and the immediate confidence boost after seeing their new smile. Often before the transformation, many people are afraid to smile and are embarrassed to smile or show their teeth.

"I feel a lot more comfortable around strangers, talking and not worrying about whether or not you see my teeth."

- Paul

Why choose Kremer Dental Care?

Dr. Kremer specializes in implant and cosmetic dentistry and has served the Chico community since 1999. He has helped restore over 1,000 smiles throughout his career.

His passion for restoration through dental implants led him to become one of just 2% of dentists nationwide certified by the LVI Dental Institute. LVI is the leading dental facility for advanced training in modern dentistry.

At Kremer Dental Care, we use some of the most advanced technology in dentistry.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to drastically improve your smile and the overall health of your mouth, call us today!

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