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Published: December 26, 2018

Do I Need a Night Guard?

Are you experiencing sleepless nights? Do you wake up with a sore jaw, tooth pain and headache? A night guard might be the answer you’re looking for.

Your sleepless nights and soreness may be due to teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can be resolved several ways. The most common and well-known option recommended by nearly all dentists is by wearing a night guard. You can easily get a boil and bite night guard in all pharmacies without any prescriptions. However, you should consult your dentist to make sure you actually need a night guard.

What are Night Guards?

Night guards are made from plastic and act as a protective layer between upper and the lower teeth. Night guards are actually a very thin mouthpiece used to help prevent grinding and clenching of your teeth. Grinding refers to moving of the jaw back and forth, wearing your teeth down and even causing chipped teeth. Clenching is biting down for an extended period of time, which can cause jaw soreness and headaches.

Overall, it serves as a cushion between the lower and upper jaws and helps you in the process of clenching and grinding. While sleeping, it gives a state of rest to your jaws and also gives a relaxed sleep.

Why People Wear Night Guards?

Act of clenching and grinding is known as bruxism or teeth grinding in the medical world. Usually, sleeping under stress or sleeping with aches will cause bruxism. Bruxism sounds like a nasty thing, but you don’t have to worry if you are suffering from bruxism; it’s a very common condition that many people are experiencing.

When you grind your teeth, your teeth’s outer protective layer known as enamel will get damage and eventually you will lose that layer. Damage to the outer layer, will lead to lot of cavities and damages. Thus, by wearing a night guard you can prevent damage to your teeth.

Why Go to a Dentist For a Night Guard?

People suffering from sleepless nights, sore jaw and toothache are advised to wear night guards. Wearing a store-bought night guard will not hurt or harm your jaws, but it is not a custom-fitted device like one from your dentist.

When getting a night guard made from your dentist, you have multiple benefits:

  1. You will inevitably have a detailed consultation with your dentist to discuss the causes of your grinding and clenching teeth. This will help you identify more remedies for restful sleep.
  2. Your night guard will be custom made from a thinner plastic that feels much better to wear. This will be worn over the bottom row of teeth to prevent grinding.


To discuss the possibility of using having a custom night guard made, please contact Philadelphia Square Dental Care. We have years of experience providing beautiful smiles with no pain at all.

You can call to make an appointment during office hours: 1-530-892-1218

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