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Published: April 20, 2017

Discover the Benefits of Lumineers

Are you ready to say goodbye to cosmetic dental imperfections?

Most people love the idea of getting dental veneers but don't like the thought of having tooth enamel removed to accommodate them. This can make some people decide against improving their smile with veneers. This is why our cosmetic dentist offers Lumineers in his Chico, CA office.

What are Lumineers and how are they different from regular veneers?

Lumineers offer the same beautiful, highly translucent appearance that you’ve come to know and love about dental veneers. The only difference is that Lumineers are much thinner than traditional veneers. Why is the thickness of veneers so important? With traditional veneers, the dentist has to remove some of your natural tooth’s structure in order to make room for your veneers; however, with Lumineers, this isn’t needed.

Does getting Lumineers hurt?

Most people think about dental procedures and are scared that it might be painful or uncomfortable, but don’t worry! Lumineers are a great way to brighten, reshape and change the overall appearance of your smile non-invasively. Most people will be able to get Lumineers without having to remove any tooth enamel. Once the Lumineers are painlessly bonded to the front of your teeth there is no post-procedural discomfort.

How long will it take to get Lumineers?

It takes about two visits to Philadelphia Square Dental Care. In your first visit, he will take impressions of your teeth, and have Lumineers that are uniquely crafted just to fit your smile. In the follow-up visit, he will bond them to the front of your teeth for a brand new smile.

If you are interested in learning more about Lumineers and what they can do for your smile’s appearance, schedule an appointment by calling Philadelphia Square Dental Care in Chico, CA at (530) 895-1999. Your smile deserves it!

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