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A Smile Makeover by Kremer Dental Care in Chico

If you have worn down teeth from wear and tear, you could be right for a smile makeover. Perhaps you think that you have an unattractive smile from teeth discoloration–we can easily help you achieve a new, youthful, and attractive smile. You can get your Smile Makeover here in Chico. At Kremer Dental Care, there is no better feeling for our doctors and staff than seeing you smile for the first time after a smile makeover and full-mouth rejuvenation.

Using our state-of-the-art technology, as well as the training and experience of Dr. Kremer, we can give you a new smile that is 100% unique and fits you.

With a Smile Makeover, we are able to:

  • Produce a mockup of what your ideal end result would look like.
    • This is completely customized… no 2 cases are the same.
    • We take face measurements to decide exactly what would look best on you.
  • Contour the new teeth based on the mockup we've created.
    • This is where the artistry and experience of Dr. Kremer come into play.
    • The size, shape, and color of each tooth are created right in our office.
  • We can give you a 'trial' (a prototype).
    • This allows you to have an opportunity to try out your new smile before we finalize it.
    • You can even try out your new smile for 2-4 weeks, or in many cases, we can make the permanent teeth and you can have your final smile in one day!

Key Benefits of a Smile Makeover:

✓ Complete control over the color, size, and shape of your new smile.

✓ Custom-made in our office. There is no outside lab work needed.


"I wish I had done it 10 years earlier."
"Since then, I smile a lot!"


Your Smile Makeover Process:
1st visit –
During your initial consultation we talk about what your ideal outcomes are. Together we look at your teeth’s natural proportions of width to length, and then match the new teeth to your face using different lengths and shapes. We will also pick a color that is white but also natural; not fake looking. Once we have discussed everything together, we will render 3-D images of your new smile.
2nd visit –
3-4 weeks after initial consultation 
During this visit we prepare your current teeth, and then we give you a trial smile. These teeth are prototypes, which have the desired shape and shade of the final teeth. However, this allows you to test-drive your new smile before making it permanent.
3rd visit –
3-4 weeks after 2nd visit 
On your 3rd (and FINAL) visit we take off your trial smile and bond in your new permanent teeth. After the 3rd visit you will have your brand new smile and you will be smiling A LOT more!
Our technology allows you to see your new smile before we even build it.
Smile Makeover using the CEREC
Preview your new smile before we even create it with a full 3D rending.
Here is another Before & After of a Smile Makeover:
Before having a smile makeover by Dr. Kevin Kremer in Chico his teeth were heavily discolored. The teeth were also very worn down.
Before having a smile makeover
After a smile makeover by Dr. Kevin Kremer his new smile is bigger and brighter. Because of this, he smiles with more confidence.
After having a smile makeover.

A Full Mouth Rejuvenation

This is often referred to as a Smile Makeover, but it is much more than cosmetic dentistry alone. Rather, a full mouth rejuvenation is the complete revitalization of the smile. It is a non-surgical, comprehensive approach to getting the upper and lower jaws in proper alignment, removing all decay, repairing all chipped, weakened and severely worn and broken teeth, and ultimately creating a healthy, gorgeous smile that will last for years.

There are occasions when a patient's mouth has undergone excessive wear and tear over the years. For instance, it may be due to neglect, periodontal disease, or issues of jaw or bite alignment. In these circumstances, treating one area will not resolve the problem. In these cases a complete smile makeover, or full mouth rejuvenation, is necessary.

Full mouth rejuvenation addresses the condition of the entire mouth, from the position of the bite to the health and appearance of the teeth and gums. It is a highly specialized procedure requiring state-of-the-art technology so advanced that there are a limited number of dentists trained to use it.

1 of only 2% of Dentists

Dr. Kremer is among the 2% of dentists nationwide certified in neuromuscular reconstruction, having completed more than 200 hours of advanced training at LVI, the nation's leading dental training institute.

The process is entirely comfortable and begins with an evaluation of the bite, the foundation of the smile. Through examination, Dr. Kremer can detect any noises in your jaw. These noises are reflective of destructive motion in your tempromandibular joint (TMJ) and can be the cause of significant pain.

Once the ideal jaw position is determined, the health and appearance of your gums and teeth will be addressed. Any periodontal disease will be treated, helping the gums to reattach to your teeth. Any decay will be removed. Metal fillings will be replaced with porcelain restorations. Broken, chipped, or cracked teeth will be repaired. Missing teeth will be replaced. All restorations will be completed to raise or lower your jaw to achieve the ideal jaw position for optimal health. The result will be a beautiful smile that is as comfortable and functional as it is attractive.

People often spend money on a nicer car, a tropical vacation, or a 'new toy'.

While these things are nice, they are temporary and the excitement often diminishes quickly. An investment in yourself through a full-mouth rejuvenation smile makeover can have a deep, meaningful impact on the way you feel about yourself and the way you present yourself to others for the rest of your life. What a rejuvenating experience!

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Here’s what our patients are saying about us...

  • For years I had disliked my smile because I went to a dentist who did more harm than good. After going to Dr. Kremer I have a wonderful smile and receive compliments on how beautiful my teeth are.  

    Dr. Kremer's staff is caring and compassionate and explains procedures that will be done and how long it will take. I couldn't be happier with the service I received.

    Dr. Kremer advertises as a dentist but he really a magician! Thanks, Dr. Kremer, for restoring something I thought I would never see again.....a beautiful smile.
    Patti M. - CHICO
  • I love my new smile! I have had lifelong dental problems that have made me apprehensive and actually fearful to see a dentist. 

    From the moment I walked into his office door I felt as if I was the staff's number one priority. Their friendly welcome put me immediately at ease.

    Dr. Kremer's office is beautiful and the dental equipment is state-of-the-art. I am glad I chose a dentist who is so knowledgeable and a leader in the dental field. Thanks Dr. Kremer, I love my new smile.
    Sharon B. - CHICO
  • My confidence level is off the charts! Looking back on my teeth before veneers... WOW! Major, major difference! 

    In the process between the temporary and the porcelains, there were quite a few visits to the dentist office to make sure the real things were going to fit just right and feel natural. In the mean time, when my teeth weren't feeling accurate, Dr. Kremer and the team didn't waste any time fitting me into their schedule to figure out exactly what the problem was.
    Hannah C. - CHICO
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