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3 Reasons to Choose Us for Dental Implants in Chico:


At Kremer Dental Care we perform ALL PHASES of Implant Dentistry.

Top Technology

1 of only 4% of US dentists that use Computer Guided Implant Placement.
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Reduced Cost

Our technology can reduce your cost greatly by reducing your number of visits.

Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation Approach

Full Arch Dental Implant
Full Arch

Dentistry has always tried to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants anchor back into the bone, just like natural teeth. What makes dental implants so great is that they put the force back on the bone. This takes pressure off the adjacent teeth and/or gums. When older methods are used, the neighboring teeth are overloaded, and thus don’t last as long. By having the bone support the area with synthetic roots, are you making the neighboring teeth last longer, and preventing future bone loss.

The teeth roots stimulate bone within the jaws. When you lose a tooth, the jaw loses 25% of bone in the first year, and 40% in three years. Furthermore, plastic dentures resting on the gums speeds up this rate of bone loss. The synthetic roots of dental implants are the only solution to stop this “osteoporosis-like” action in the mouth, and stimulate the bone to keep it healthy.

You can get dental implants in Chico at Kremer Dental Care

Dr. Kevin Kremer is one of only 2% of dentists nationwide to be certified by the prestigious LVI Dental Institute. LVI is the leading dental facility for advanced training in modern dentistry.

Dr. Kremer has also received Diplomate Certification from the International Dental Implant Association, the highest education certification program within the Association. IDIA Diplomates have met a minimum of 320 hours and placed over 100 implant procedures!

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At Kremer Dental Care we offer a complimentary consultation to anyone with questions about using dental implants to replace missing teeth and improve your smile.

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Dental Implant Benefits Explained:

Since 2002 we’ve been performing all phases of Implant Dentistry. We do the consultation, place the synthetic root, build the crown, and place the crown on top of the new root.

Most general dentists that advertise 'dental implants' only place the crown. An oral surgeon will do the initial consultation, then you will be referred to the general dentist to take records, after that you will go back to the surgeon to have the implant placed (and a lab will be building the crown during this time), finally you will go back to the general dentist to have the crown placed on the implant.

Since 2014 we’ve been providing dental implants 100% digitally.

We take a 3D image of your jaw, and a 3D photo of mouth.
We design the ideal final tooth restoration and the ideal tooth root position.
Then, we CAD manufacture a guide to place the implant within 200 microns of the ideal root position on the 3D image. This creates incredible precision, and increases long-term success of the implant.

Our process DECREASES YOUR COST in many cases

Because we greatly reduce lab bills for the building of the implant and parts. We are also much faster because there are no back and forth referrals between an oral surgeon and a general dentist.
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