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Published: November 20, 2019

Concerns for Jawbone Loss and Deterioration

Recently Dr. Kremer was interview by Debbie Cobb regarding the concerns about jawbone loss and deterioration. Bone loss in the mouth is quite common, but it can be prevented. Below is the video interview and transcription, or you can view it on YouTube.

Concerns for Jawbone Loss and Deterioration


Debbie Cobb:    00:05                      

We don't hear a lot about it, but bone loss in the mouth is not uncommon. The good news is it can be stopped. Dr. Kevin Kremer joins us now with more on what can be done. Dr. Kremer, thank you so much for joining us. Why do we need to be concerned about bone loss?

Kevin Kremer:    00:19                      

Well, Debbie, this is what I want to show you. Take a look at what happens when we lose our teeth. This is a progression of the bone loss that occurs when we don't have teeth in our mouth.

Debbie Cobb:    00:30                      

That's dramatic. So what happens when you wear dentures?

Kevin Kremer:    00:34                      

Dentures don't prevent the bone loss, and they have this big piece of plastic resting on tissue covering the pallet. You can't taste. It's kind of like solving an automobile problem with a cart and a buggy.

Debbie Cobb:     00:48                      

So what can you tell me about how the bone loss can be prevented?

Kevin Kremer:    00:52                      

By placing dental implants. So you wouldn't go today, if you had a hip or a knee issue, you wouldn't walk around with a cane. You'd get a new hip or a knee. So what we do in dentistry is we give you new teeth roots and get fixed permanent teeth in your mouth.

Debbie Cobb:    01:07                      

So why would somebody get dentures, then?

Kevin Kremer:    01:10                      

It's solving the problem in older mode. It's less expensive, but longterm it has a detrimental effect on the patient.

Debbie Cobb:    01:17                      

I think the overall mental damage that it can do to you, just even thinking about having dentures and having your teeth pulled is very traumatic for many.

Kevin Kremer:    01:28                      

There's a huge psychological disadvantage to dentures. The fact that you're taking something out, it's not part of you. It affects your digestive system, it affects your chewing efficiency. Having fixed permanent teeth is definitely by far a much, much better option.

Debbie Cobb:    01:43                      

All right, Dr. Kremer, thank you so much. For more information on our topic, go to actionnewsnow.com and click on features.




If you're concerned about jawbone loss in you mouth, please contact us today... don't wait. This is a serious problem that can be minimized and prevented if caught early. Call us at (530) 892-1234 or click here to schedule an appointment today.

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