There's Still Hope for a Re-Infected Tooth After Root Canal Treatment

Most first-time root canal treatments achieve their purpose in saving an internally decayed tooth and extending its life to match those of the patient’s non-decayed teeth. Occasionally, though, a root canal-treated tooth may become re-infected by decay. There are a number of reasons for this: the permanent crown meant to add further protection against decay […]

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2.6 Million Fans 'Like' Justin Bieber's Chipped Tooth

Is a chipped tooth big news? It is if you’re Justin Bieber. When the pop singer recently posted a picture from the dental office to his instagram account, it got over 2.6 million “likes.” The snapshot shows him reclining in the chair, making peace signs with his hands as he opens wide; meanwhile, his dentist […]

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Here is How You can Improve Your Wedding Day Smile!

Congratulations—you’re engaged! It’s a stupendous (and hectic) time in your life as you plan your upcoming wedding. You want to look your best for the big day—which means you may be dieting, exercising or making changes to your hairstyle and makeup. Be sure, though, to consider another important part of your appearance—your teeth and gums. […]

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Treating a Young, Permanent Tooth Requires a Different Approach

Soon after the primary (baby) teeth begin to give way, the teeth a child will have the rest of their lives start erupting into the mouth. But while they’re permanent, they’re not as strong and developed as they will be in adulthood. That’s why we treat young permanent teeth differently from older adult teeth. For […]

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Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth?

Learn about wisdom teeth from your Chico dentist. If you've already lost your wisdom teeth or are considering extraction, you may be wondering if the procedure will have any long-term effects on your oral health. Dentist of Philadelphia Square Dental Care in Chico, CA discusses the subject and shares some information about wisdom teeth extraction. What […]

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How Kathy Bates Retains Her Movie-Star Smile

In her decades-long career, renowned actress Kathy Bates has won Golden Globes, Emmys, and many other honors. Bates began acting in her twenties, but didn't achieve national recognition until she won the best actress Oscar for Misery — when she was 42 years old! “I was told early on that because of my physique and my look, […]

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Tackling Dental Plaque

The American Dental Hygiene Association has designated October as National Dental Hygiene Month. Good dental hygiene is the best weapon against your mouth’s number one enemy: dental plaque. Plaque, a sticky biofilm that forms on your teeth, is an accumulation of bacteria, other microorganisms, food debris, and other unpleasant components. It can make your teeth […]

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FAQs About Pediatric Dentistry

Even though baby teeth are not meant to last forever, they serve some very important functions for the time they are around. Healthy baby teeth allow your child to bite and chew food, articulate sounds correctly during speech, and, of course, to smile! They also help guide the permanent teeth, which will one day replace […]

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Straighten Your Smile Discreetly

Metal braces may be effective, but they certainly aren't subtle. In fact, the appearance of traditional braces is the top reason that many people don't want to wear them. Luckily, Invisalign offers a more discreet orthodontic option. At Philadelphia Square Dental Care in Chico, CA, we discuss the Invisalign process and shares some benefits of the clear […]

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Sedation Can Help Create a More Positive Dental Experience for a Child

You may not be nervous at all about visiting the dentist. But put yourself in a child’s place — a routine dental visit could be an anxious experience for them, and even more so if it involves dental work. Dental professionals recognize this and go to great lengths to make children’s visits as pleasant as […]

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