How Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Really Work?

Zoom Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening is always a hot topic for dentists because people stain their teeth due to high consumption of coffee, tea, cold drinks, cigarettes and more. Whitening your teeth mainly involves removing the discoloration with bleaches and other products that can help to enhance the appearance. A dentist will use high-quality devices […]

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Do Home Teeth Whitening Products Really Work?

Teeth whitening products are an ideal way for you to restore your discolored teeth to a brighter smile. Whitening products allow children and adults to focus more on the appearance of their smile.   Nowadays, teeth whitening kits are available in most stores, enabling people to obtain moderate whitening result at home without the support […]

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How Smoking Affects Your Teeth

Most people know that smoking can cause potential health risks including cancer and you should avoid the practice for leading a healthy lifestyle. Smoking also plays an important role in inducing oral cancer, tooth decay, and tooth discoloration that can result in several discomforts. Therefore, you should know more about the effects of smoking on […]

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Reasons for Canker Sores and How To Treat Them

They're ugly, and they hurt – canker sores! A canker sore is a type of ulcer that occur inside of the mouth, lips, or tongue that can lead to several discomforts while eating food. Those who experience frequent canker sores should seek support from a health care professional, including a dentist, to know the possible […]

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5 Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth and Gums

Gums are necessary for keeping your teeth in a healthy condition. They play an important role in protecting your roots and bones and in preventing bacteria. It is necessary to take care of your gums properly to reduce unwanted health issues. Here are 5 foods that help keep your gums healthy:   Green tea Green […]

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How Can a Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Most people face a chipped tooth due to accidents, injuries, grinding teeth while sleeping, and through a multitude of other situations. A chipped tooth may cause health issues that require an immediate solution. Beyond simply restoring the look of the tooth, it is often necessary to restore the broken tooth so it does not cause […]

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Sleep Apnea? - A Dentist Can Help

Sleep apnea is a disorder that may cause breathing interruption during sleep. Anyone who is having this problem may stop breathing for short periods of time, which can result in several complications. Sleep apnea leads to insufficient oxygen supply to brain and the rest of the body leading to various troubles.   Two Main Type […]

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Can your dentist help with snoring?

Do you have a problem with snoring? No more sleeping on the couch!!! Snoring is a common problem that can cause disturbances to you and others while sleeping. If you are a person suffering from snoring, you should know that you could take steps to control this effectively. There are many factors that can influence […]

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Do I Need a Night Guard?

Are you experiencing sleepless nights? Do you wake up with a sore jaw, tooth pain and headache? A night guard might be the answer you’re looking for. Your sleepless nights and soreness may be due to teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can be resolved several ways. The most common and well-known option recommended by nearly all […]

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Why Is Wearing A Mouth Guard Important While Playing Sports?

Wearing a mouth guard can protect you! Teens and adults are continually facing injuries while they are in the playing field. Undergoing treatment for many mouth injuries can bring upon huge transformation in the life of those teens. As we all know, dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury that one experiences […]

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