How to improve your smile in 2020

4 Ways to Improve Your Smile in 2020

Smiling is good for you and the people around you. A genuine smile can lift your spirits and put you in a good mood in no time. If you’re still making a resolution list for the year 2020, here’s another one— smile more! If you’re conscious about your smile, read this article to learn all […]

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Radiation Concerns from Dental X-rays - Dr. Kevin Kremer

Radiation Concerns from Dental X-rays

Many people, especially pregnant women, are concerned about the radiation affects from dental x-rays. Debbie Cobb of Health Watch interviewed Dr. Kremer to discus this exact topic. Below is the video interview and transcription, or you can watch it on YouTube. Radiation Concerns from Dental X-rays     Debbie Cobb:    00:04 X-rays can help […]

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Concerns About Jawbone Loss and Deterioration - Health Watch interview with Dr. Kevin Kremer

Concerns for Jawbone Loss and Deterioration

Recently Dr. Kremer was interview by Debbie Cobb regarding the concerns about jawbone loss and deterioration. Bone loss in the mouth is quite common, but it can be prevented. Below is the video interview and transcription, or you can view it on YouTube. Concerns for Jawbone Loss and Deterioration   Debbie Cobb:    00:05                       We don't […]

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Dentist Preparing to Treat Tooth

5 Things to Avoid After a Cavity Filling

Getting a cavity filled by your dentist? We have a list of things to avoid after a cavity filling. A cavity filling is a simple dental procedure to restore the function and form of a decayed or damaged tooth. You might feel tooth sensitivity and soreness after the procedure, which is quite common. But, proper […]

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Correct way to brush your teeth

The Correct Way to Brush Your Teeth

We all know that teeth should be brushed twice a day, but most of us do not know the correct way to brush. This includes the length of time for brushing or how to hold, move and brush the teeth in a dentist-prescribed manner. Brushing teeth removes plaque from our teeth, but it also does […]

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Freedom Day - Free Dentistry for Veterans on October 10th 2019 in Chico, California

We're proud to participate in our 4th FREEDOM DAY event giving back to our veterans! We are offering one day of FREE DENTISTRY to active military, veterans, their spouses, and their children under 18. Proudly serving the Northern California community for 20 years, Dr. Kremer invites veterans to come experience at Kremer Dental Care. Thank […]

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Choosing a toothpaste

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Toothpaste?

Do you need help choosing a toothpaste? We all know that we need to brush away plaque and bacteria in order to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Plaque is that sticky material that you run your tongue over, which is full of bacteria. It’s best to brush at least twice daily, once after you eat […]

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The Effects of Soda on Your Teeth

The Effects of Soda on Your Teeth

Unfortunately, soda has become a staple item in most people’s daily diet, and is consumed on a much too frequent basis. To quench thirst and mainly taste buds, people consume sodas like Coca Cola and Pepsi, but it is not beneficial for the health of your teeth. Soft drinks contain artificial color chemicals, caffeine, aspartame, […]

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Lasers! …How They Are Used In Dentistry

Laser dentistry... So, what is laser dentistry? Since 1994, laser use has become more and more common in dentistry. Lasers are used in a number of procedures, to make the treatment easier and less painful for the patient. Lasers are often used when patients have anxiety about dental drills, and they can also decrease bleeding […]

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Why are My Teeth Sensitive When I Brush?

Teeth sensitivity may cause troubles when you have hot and cold foods and beverages. It may affect one or more teeth within your mouth that can result in pain and discomfort. The severity of this condition can paralyze your normal life, so you should seek immediate medical advice for controlling your sensitivity and pain effectively. […]

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