Lower Teeth Crowding

Crowding of the lower teeth can be caused by various factors. It is most commonly seen in the lower front teeth and the crowding generally develops once the baby teeth begin to come out. In children, one of the primary reasons for crowding The permanent teeth come in before the jaw has grown to accommodate […]

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Voted Best Dentist in Chico

Voting for the 2021 Readers' Choice Awards - Let's Make it 3 YEARS IN A ROW

VOTING HAS ENDED FOR 2021 It's that time of year again... The ChicoER has opened up the voting for the 2021 Readers' Choice Awards. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW, THEN CLICK ON DENTIST IN THE LEFT COLUMN. We have been filled with sincere gratitude to be voted best dentist in Chico, CA 2 years in a […]

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20% off dental treatments

20% Off All Dental Treatments Throughout May, 2021

It’s May, and 2021 is moving right along. As our city of Chico, our state, and our country continues to open up more and more, your local dentist in Chico is offering 20% off all dental treatments throughout the entire month of May. So, if you haven’t seen your dentist in awhile, now is the […]

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Dental Hygiene

I Have a Loose Tooth. What Should I Do?

Back when you were a kid, a loose tooth would mean money under the pillow from the Fairy Godmother. This was an exciting time, and you would often wish for your tooth just to break so you could get the reward. As you grew older, a loose tooth became a nuisance. You would constantly tongue […]

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Bad breath visit dentist

Signs That You Need a Good Teeth Cleaning

It’s often said, “A smile is worth a thousand words,” and isn’t that the truth? Those pearly whites help you ease into society and allow you to make friends. Keeping them clean and shiny can also be a nightmare, which is why you need to look for those achy signs that tell you your teeth […]

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Finding the Right Doctor & Dental Team

One of the most important ways we can express ourselves is through our smiles. If you think about it, many of our other facial expressions wouldn’t be possible without our mouths, either. With so much attention drawn to this area, it’s no wonder that if our teeth aren’t something we are proud of, we’d prefer […]

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Teeth Brushing

5 Healthy Habits for Your Mouth 

For the past few days, you have been feeling this constant ache on one side of your jaw. A trip to the dentist reveals that one of your gums is infected and will need a thorough cleaning. This serves as a wake-up call and makes you realize that you have been neglecting your oral hygiene […]

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Dr. McKinney with a patient at Kremer Dental Care

Finding a Health Care Provider 

Finding a health care provider you like and trust can be a little like looking for a needle in a haystack: you know what you’re looking for, but much of the time you’re not finding what you need. A good and gentle dentist is no exception, especially when you come from a background of extensive […]

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Cone Beam Computed Tomography

KaVo OP 3D Imaging

Kremer Dental Care has always been committed to providing our guests with the best service possible. To deliver on our commitment, we employ the latest technology to enhance the dental care experience. Therefore, we have introduced KaVo OP 3D technology, the award-winning innovation for dental imaging. KaVo OP 3D™ KaVo OP 3D is a complete […]

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Sugarless gum

Is Sugarless Gum Good for My Teeth?

For some people, chewing gum is something they can’t be without. Alright, we went a little far, but if your mouth loves to go through the chewing motion, then eating sugar gum might not be a healthy choice for you. A single stick of an average-sized gum contains 2 grams of sugar. Now, if you […]

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