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About Dr. Negin Azari

From the age of 6, Dr. Negin Azari knew dentistry was her calling after a positive experience with her first pediatric dentist. That early encounter had a lasting impact on her, shaping her future as a dentist.

To achieve her D.D.S. degree, she attended Oregon Health and Science University. During her dental school interview, when asked about an alternative profession, Dr. Azari was taken aback and couldn't envision herself in any other career but dentistry. Her determination to become an exceptional dentist was unwavering.

Being a dentist is not just a profession for Dr. Azari; it is her passion. She believes that a person's smile is a crucial aspect of their identity. While others may notice hair or eyes, she focuses on teeth. The joy of dentistry, for her, lies in enhancing smiles to boost confidence and improve overall health since teeth play a fundamental role in a person's well-being.

To Dr. Azari, Kremer Dental Care represents the mission of enhancing people's lives by either improving their existing smiles or rebuilding them from scratch. Moreover, the dental practice feels like home, with a team that treats each other like family, united by the common goal of providing exceptional care to their guests.

As a newcomer to Chico, she is still exploring and embracing the area. The charming city with its friendly people and exciting outdoor activities reminds her of her hometown, Portland, Oregon, where she grew up.

When not dedicated to dental work, Dr. Azari enjoys spending time with her fiancé and taking care of their pup, Miko. Their shared love for snowboarding has them eagerly looking forward to hitting the nearby mountains for some thrilling snowy adventures.

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