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About Dr. Negin Azari

Dr. Negin Azari knew that she wanted to be a dentist since she was 6 years old, when she visited her first pediatric dentist. It is true, one good or bad experience when you are young can influence you for life, and Dr. Azari was fortunate enough to have a good experience that laid out her future.

To attain her D.D.S. degree, Dr. Azari attended Oregon Health and Science University. One of her dental school interview questions involved asking her about what other profession she would pursue if dental school did not pan out. She sat in shocked silence for a long moment and then responded that she had never thought about another career for herself. She always knew that she would do whatever it takes to become a great dentist.

Dr. Azari loves being a dentist because it is her passion. A person’s smile is the first thing she sees. Some people notice hair, some notice eyes, she notices teeth. To her, the beauty of dentistry is improving one’s smile to achieve better confidence and quality of life, because teeth are fundamental to a person’s overall health.

Dr. Azari believes that Kremer Dental Care stands for improving a person’s quality of life by either treating their existing smile or reconstructing it from a non-existent foundation. In addition, Kremer Dental Care feels like home, the team treats one another like family and every single person has one goal in mind: taking care of our guests.

Since Dr. Azari is new to Chico, she is still exploring and getting to know the area. So far, the great food, exciting nature activities and friendly people remind her of Portland, Oregon, where she grew up.

When she is not obsessing about teeth and treating guests, Dr. Azari and her fiancé take care of their pup, Miko, and spend their time exploring Chico. Since both of them love snowboarding, they cannot wait to head to the nearby mountains to shred some snow.
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