Dr. Grace Jeong

About Dr. Jeong

Dr. Jeong was inspired to go into the dentistry field because she was always interested in going into healthcare. She was pushed towards dentistry it's a hands-on operative field and she likes working with her hands.

The thing Dr. Jeong loves most about being a dentist is that she can see immediate results of a dental treatment, and the impact it makes on people's lives.

Dr. Jeong loves being a part of Kremer Dental Care. She says, "Kremer Dental Care is the best in Chico because of our team; our team is very passionate about providing the best care and are enthusiastic to come to work."

When not at the office treating guests, Dr. Jeong's favorite hobbies are watching movies and hanging out with friends in nature, including hiking and camping. She has lived all over the place, and all of her family lives in different states and countries. Her family has a tradition of meeting up once a year in Korea for vacation. She lives with her 3 cats named Max, Sam, and Wilby.

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