Dr. Choti

About Dr. Supak Choti

Dr. Choti has been practicing dentistry since 1987, and has been serving the Northern California community since 2007.

She is a general dentist in Chico with advanced training in cosmetic dentistry including: bonding, porcelain fillings, porcelain bridges, and smile makeovers. She specializes in dental implants, Waterlase Laser Dentistry, Lumineers, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, gum surgery, Invisalign, laser cleanings, deep tooth whitening, emergency dental care, and routine care for all ages including children.

She always welcomes new dental patients from all over including Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Forest Ranch, Orland, Susanville, Chester, Hamilton City, Colusa, and Red Bluff. Dr. Choti is a very highly rated Chico dentist.

Here’s what our patients are saying about Dr. Choti...

  • My crown broke, and had to go see Dr. Choti, I also had Jessica as her assistant. They work well together. I have a lot fear going to the dentist but Dr. Choti makes you feel completely relax. She treats my fear with humor. Very happy with Dr. Choti and Jessica. If they can make me feel relaxed that says a lot. I would highly recommend them. The front office is also very friendly.
    Alicia R. - CHICO
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  • At 62 years of age and poor dental DNA believe me, I've had my share of horror stories in the dental chair, enough to give me anxiety at the thought of a dentist but Dr. Choti has made great strides to renew my confidence. She extracted a tooth for me yesterday and it was a complete opposite of my past experiences. 

    She did the extraction in half the time it took in the past and with such precision that I only needed Tylenol and then only a couple throughout the day to manage what little pain I had. I'm still trying to accept how easy she made it for me since this is not what I've been conditioned to expect. She's my hero! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Michele M. - CHICO
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  • Dr. Choti is really awesome. She is very meticulous and has a great personality that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I have had multiple root canals and by far the best experience was with her. She genuinely cares and it shows in her work. 11 out of 10! 

    I would recommend highly to anyone.
    Jason S. - CHICO
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