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Published: December 11, 2020

5 Healthy Holiday Snacks

The Holiday Season is almost here, and you are probably planning how you will spend the holidays. If you ask this dentist in Chico, 2020 has been been a tough one. One thing that remained within reach for most of us was food, specifically unhealthy snacks. Raise your hand if your pant waist has increased?

But now it's time to cost up next to the fire, and it's OKAY to eat snacks food all day. 

Do you have any idea about the kind of beating your teeth have been taking? We bet if you go to a dentist right now, they will get busy cleaning your teeth. Before the need to find a dentist in Chico arises, consider changing your snacking habits for this holiday season.

Here’s a list of 5 healthy holiday snacks you can munch on:

1.   Pita Bread Christmas Trees

The key to this amazing holiday appetizer is to use all healthy ingredients, including pretzel sticks, an avocado cream cheese spread, pita bread, and salsa. Cut the pita bread into triangles, slather on the avocado cream cheese spread, top with salsa, and insert a pretzel stick at the bottom.

2.   Parmesan Popcorn

Parmesan comes in the top 10 list of healthy cheeses. The key to making popcorn healthy and enjoying it while sitting near the fireplace is cooking it with bacon. This grease contains less cholesterol, and a tablespoon only has 2 grams more in fat. Once the kernels have popped, top the popcorn with parmesan cheese for that extra flavor.

3.   Frozen Yogurt Bark

Craving for something sweet? Then, get yourself some berries, because this snack is berry delicious. Get it? To make this snack, mix honey, Greek yogurt, and chopped strawberries. Line the mixture in a pan and top it with dark chocolate chips and desiccated coconut. After the mixture freezes, break them into barks with your hand. 

4.   The Veggie Platter

Veggies alone can be a little daunting to eat. No one touches them because they are too dry. What if there’s a yummy dipping you can eat it with? You can either healthy dip products or make them at the house. Some of the popular veggie accompanying dips include pesto, hummus, herbed tzatziki, and guacamole.

5.   Cucumber Cream Cheese Bites

Everything tastes better with cheese, and this is true for all cheeses. So, cut up some cucumber slices, spread some cream cheese on them, and top with bologna bits. Wash it down with a glass of lemonade, and you will feel fresh and light all day long.

So, what’s the verdict? Do these snacks sound tempting? You might be wondering why we didn’t list down store-bought snacks. That’s because they have hidden calories then rack up pretty fast. It’s better to limit yourself to the ingredients in your pantry. Don’t forget to floss after every meal because bits of these crunchy snacks can get stuck in between your teeth.

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